Mission Statement

The mission of the Lake Forest Police Foundation is to promote a partnership between the Lake Forest Police Department and the Community in order to solicit and distribute funds that will assist the Department in providing safety and security within the Community.

The Foundation’s Role

The LFPF recognizes that more than 85% of the Department’s annual budget is devoted to personnel cost, leaving little flexibility to develop innovative programs, keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, purchase specialized equipment, or implement new programs. The role of the Foundation is not to supplant funding for basic law enforcement services, nor to reduce the responsibility of the City of Lake Forest in any way to commit the necessary funding for law enforcement services for its citizens. LFPF’s goal is to form a public-private partnership that provides financial support for important, un-budgeted, or discretionary needs that promise to improve crime prevention, enhance professional development, and encourage citizen participation to enrich public safety.


The Lake Forest Police Foundation was created to improve public safety and law enforcement in the Lake Forest community. Our goal is to act as an independent and unique affiliate for the Lake Forest Police Department by providing resources to:
  • Keep pace with rapidly-changing technology
  • Foster innovation
  • Meet time-sensitive needs
  • Leadership training and development
  • Cutting-edge specialized equipment
  • Officer safety, wellness and morale
  • Crime prevention/crime fighting
  • Community partnerships and advocacy