Past Events

The internet is an amazing place where kids like to spend time socializing and exploring, but unfortunately they often encounter too much too soon.  SafetyNet: Smart Cyber Choices is a program that empowers youth to use technology in a positive, ethical, and safe manner as they move into adulthood.  Lake Forest Police Department School Resource Officers will be trained to present internet safety courses to students, educators, and parents about how to manage their online lives.  This course will allow participants to help recognize and respond to potential online threats.  Click here for more information on SafetyNet.  To request a presentation for your school or group please contact Detective Conrad Christensen at [email protected] or 847-810-3818.


IOTK’s provide officers with the equipment necessary to self-treat a gun shot or puncture would if immediate care is not available due to scene safety or lack of availability of EMS.  It is designed for officers to be able to provide life saving care in the event of a major trauma injury to themselves or someone else.  This cutting edge equipment was previously not a part of officer issued equipment because both the tools and the training were outside the budget of the Lake Forest Police Department.  The IOTK’s and the training given to the LFPD officers will provide the community with an extra level of protection in case they have to respond to a major trauma.  The LFPD officers were provided the kits and training, sponsored by the Lake Forest Police Foundation, in February of 2015.



The Ultraviolet Light Source unit helps Investigators identify the presence of evidence at a crime scene that is invisible under ordinary conditions.  The use of the Alternate Light Source (ALS) provides a highly practical and efficient means of locating fingerprints, trace evidence like hairs and fibers, blood, body fluids, and impressions on human skin.  The ALS gives Evidence Technicians and Investigators a more advanced technological tool to use in the field to recover evidence of crimes and identify the offenders.  In January of 2015, the Lake Forest Police Foundation purchased this invaluable piece of equipment for the Lake Forest Police Department.



The Lake Forest Police Foundation purchased 22 Zoll AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Plus Machines. The units replaced 11-year-old AEDs and were purchased with money that was raised from private donors. The new AEDs have been put in service in our officers’ squad cars, the Public Safety Building, and one was placed in Lake Forest’s City Hall. A defibrillator is a lightweight, portable device that delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart.  When trained personnel use an AED and administer CPR within the first few minutes of a cardiac episode, it dramatically increases the chance that a patient will survive.




The Lake Forest Police Department Women’s Self-Defense course covers the importance of critical thinking, defense strategies, assertiveness, powerful communication skills, and easy to remember physical techniques. The instruction is based on the belief that women can act competently, decisively, and take action for their own protection. This program is taught by Lake Forest Police Officers and demonstrates selected defensive tactics which are tailored to the physical ability of the individual. Hands on tactics and techniques are taught in both a classroom and a defensive tactics room.  For more information, or to register for a course, please contact Officer Misa Rivera at 847-234-2601 or [email protected]. Please be aware this is a contact class – physical contact with other students and the instructor will be a common part of this course.